Moon Games Forced Perspective Shows That You Can Make Interesting Photographs Anywhere

Sabine peint la Lune

If you’re stuck looking for inspiration here is an idea that we have all seen before taken to new places. Husband and wife, Laurent & Sabine Laveder collaborated their Photography, graphic design and astronomy  and graphic designer duo took the familiar forced perspective concept to new heights by playing games with the moon.

While a few of the photos are composites most are simply using long focal length to achieve the effect. Some goes up to 480 mm using a Refracting telescope.

Michel porte la Lune dans une brouette Un croissant dans son bol Monter sur le Lune à l'aide d'une échelle La Pleine Lune au bout d'un fil La Pleine Lune encadrée A la lueur de la Lune Deux enfants attrapent la Lune Sabine attrape la Lune au lasso Sabine porte la Lune avec ses pieds

It’s always great to see a new take on a old theme. You can see more of the photos from this series, as well as get yourself a print here.

[Moon games | Laurent & Sabine Laveder]

  • ext237

    This is clever stuff! Time to start putting TPE app to good use!

  • John

    I’m by no means an accomplished photographer, but I find these “cheesy”