Mind Boggling Ultraviolet Shoot 2 Years In The Making


Sometime making a great photo is all about getting the courage to ask making it. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong recently completed a spectacular photoshoot involving one of the most talented make up artists I’ve seen – Michael Rosner. It took Ben almost two years to bring a plan together that would make a fantastic shoot worthy of the art.

Ben approached both high end designers Amber Kusanagi and Michelle Hebert, and hair Stylist Dinah Raphaelle toput together an offer Michel can not refuse.

And the shoot came to life with an ultraviolet theme. Photographing Black Light requires a lot of illumination since the material emits really low light, Ben opted for a  Broncolor UV Attachment filter which mounted on the move unit was strong enough to freeze the action. (those are only $1,500 a pop, but you can rent them, or ask your local police station forensic team for a lender).

Here is Ben describes what led to the shoot:

Knowing that someone of his caliber would undoubtedly receive requests to collaborate, I made sure that I would be able to offer him something different. Besides my portfolio, I had the best designers that I knew in LA on standby to design something specifically for this shoot: Amber Kusanagi and Michelle Hebert. Hair Stylist extraordinaire Dinah Raphaelle was also enlisted to complete the team… but even with all these elements I still didn’t feel confident reaching out to him just yet.

Wondering how I could make my offer even more enticing, I reached out to my friends over at Broncolor asking if it would be possible to borrow a bunch of specially built UV Attachment units. They graciously agreed and I finally felt ready to reach out to Michael.

vonwong-ultraviolet-07 vonwong-ultraviolet-06 vonwong-ultraviolet-05 vonwong-ultraviolet-03 vonwong-ultraviolet-02 vonwong-ultraviolet-01[UltraViolet insanities two years in the making | Benjamin Von Wong]

  • Amaryllis

    Amazing shoot as always… this guy is a magician, as well as my number 1 idol.

  • Charlie Hendershot

    I love his work. I wish I had a fraction of his talent in my shutter finger.