Microsoft’s ‘Hyperlapse’ Technology Will Make All Your GoPro Footage Look Amazing

Last week, we wrote about how researchers at Brown developed a code that would allow realistic weather alterations in photo-editing through text commands. As fate would have it, the new trend these days is apparently groundbreaking algorithms. Two days ago, a video was uploaded showcasing Microsoft’s latest advancement in photography; using first-person-view cameras, researchers for the company developed an algorithm that makes what they call a hyperlapse. Watching the video, you’ll probably find yourself surprised by just how fluid everything almost looks. Keep reading after the break; seeing how it’s done is just as rewarding.

Broken down into three different steps, the process involves recreating the path of the camera and mapping it out in 3D.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.22.33 AM

Once that’s done, the software takes over and attempts to find a smoother line that can travel through the mapped areas. Utilizing pretty much every frame of the video, it goes in and tries to create that new pathway; the environment is reconstructed and put back together to make the camera’s new surroundings as smooth as possible.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.25.15 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.26.09 AM

As always the case technology like this, what I’m telling you is an incredibly simple summarization of what the process comprises. As unbelievable the video looks, it’s amazing to see how much work goes into making it; for me, it’s unimaginable how much work actually goes into each step of the process. But to see it unfolding now, with so many other advancements coming out of the photography world, it’s exciting to think about what’s going to be possible within even the next three years.

It wasn’t that long ago when image stabilization became such a normal thing. How long do you guys think it’ll be before something like this becomes common?

[Via Reddit]

  • Artur Filip Lezny

    Peter, sth 4 u

  • Denis Hipke

    GoPro Footage has nothing to do with “Amazing” and “Hyperlapse” does not make it better.

    • joe_average

      are you crazy? there is tons of AMAZING footage from small action cameras (sony or gopro). there’s a reason it is a small camera revolution. and hyperlapse is awesome, via the ‘old-fasion’ way or this new technique in software.

  • Artur Filip Lezny

    Dawid Nitecki

  • Stewart Norton

    David Martin, Rob Morris

  • Q

    “: Microsoft’s ‘Hyperlapse’ Technology Will Make All Your GoPro Footage Look Amazing –” @herowedding

  • nite

    Nice technique for smoothing out those shakey-cams. Reminds me of “star trek stabilized”.

  • lo

    this will be ‘in-stores’ by December.

  • Chris Oaten

    Speeding up video is not time-lapse, BTW. It’s just video. Sped up.

  • joe_average

    super excited! amazing work to blend 3D and stiching, with optimized camera flow. I suspect that Microsoft Photosynth and Image Composite Editor (ICE) somehow laid the foundation for this project development. has anyone compiled the hyperlapse source code? I’m wondering if they’re going to bundle it into Windows Movie Maker 8 like the image stabilization tool (Windows 8 version only). i’m pleasantly surprised to see Microsoft leading the research in this field.