A Menacing Timelapse Of Philadelphia Shot In IR

Photographer Bruce Wayne Berry Jr wanted to capture a view as similar as possible to what the human eye would see if it saw the Infra Red spectrum.

Inspired by Ross Ching’s Empty America and Star Trek Into Darkness Nibiran jungle scene he set out to shoot a timelapse in Philadelphia which outside of this movie is America’s 5th most populated city. Only, there are no people in Bruce’s “The Day Wonderland Stood Still”

A Menacing Timelapse Of Philadelphia Shot In IR

The movie was made with a Full-spectrum camera mounted with a yellow filter to mask out some of the visible light.

Here is how Bruce describes some of the more techy details:

“All scenes were shot around Philadelphia using my full-spectrum camera and a yellow filter. During the editing/post-processing of the scenes I tried to keep as much of the “real world” colors, while maintaining the surreal look of infrared. The first scene and time-lapse title was prompted by an infrared series that I’ve been shooting over the years called “Wonderland”.

[The Day Wonderland Stood Still… via gizmodo]

  • American Patriot

    Totally impressive. An excellent piece of work by a skilled fotog. Well done, Bruce Wayne.