Margarita Kareva Recreated The Tales We All Grew Up Upon With Photos


Based in Russia, photographer Margarita Kareva probably makes any kids around her happy (or deeply horrified). This is because Margarita brings fairy tales to life.

Margarita seeks inspiration in fantasy books which she then executes as photo stories.

It may be hard to believe but Margarita only picked up a camera about three years ago, which (again) shows what can be accomplished with love, dedication and passion.

If you are interested, Margarita shares that she “will make photographs for free of any interesting ideas or people in any country for the accommodation and flight tickets:)”

margarita-kareva-tails-22 margarita-kareva-tails-21 margarita-kareva-tails-20 margarita-kareva-tails-19 margarita-kareva-tails-18 margarita-kareva-tails-17 margarita-kareva-tails-16 margarita-kareva-tails-14 margarita-kareva-tails-13 margarita-kareva-tails-12 margarita-kareva-tails-11 margarita-kareva-tails-10 margarita-kareva-tails-09 margarita-kareva-tails-08 margarita-kareva-tails-07 margarita-kareva-tails-06 margarita-kareva-tails-05 margarita-kareva-tails-04 margarita-kareva-tails-03 margarita-kareva-tails-02 margarita-kareva-tails-01margarita-kareva-tails-23 margarita-kareva-tails-24

[Margarita Kareva – 500px | website | facebook via Bored Panda]

  • Chocsweethrt

    Beautiful photos, but I don’t recognize any of the tales :( Only snow white.

    • David Addams

      Some of the stories are going to be Russian in origin given the photographer.

      I suspect the one with the coach is Cinderella, and those with the wolves might be Red Riding Hood.

      • Chocsweethrt

        That’s what I was wondering, if most were of Russian origin. Oh yesss I could definitely see those two stories you’re talking about.

      • SaulNunez

        I think the first one is Snow White :)

  • Amaryllis

    Sooooo pretty ~ And the pooches are adorable. Wish I could get that talented! I’ve only been serious about photography for a bit less than a year, so I’ve still got time to learn, but this is some seriously amazing stuff :)

  • SelectiveHearing

    This type of photography takes my breath away— the surrealism is absolutely beautiful and piquant! She reminds me so much of my favorite photographer‚ Kirsty Mitchell (check her out if you want to see similar photography)!

  • Jirachat Oonjit

    very beutiful