Manchester United Bans iPad And Tablet Photography, Do You Think This Will Start A Trend?

19 Premier League Titles - Old Trafford, Manchester United by Paul on Flickr

In a trend that I really hope starts taking off, Manchester United has officially banned the use of iPad’s and other tablets inside Old Trafford stadium. The football club sent out an email to the club’s fan just before Tuesday nights game informing fans of the club’s new policy which states large electronic devises such as a laptops, iPads, and other tablet devices (basically any device larger than 150mmx100mm )have been added to their list of banned items.

The email loosely cites security measures as the reason for the ban, but exactly what those security measure entail is somewhat left open to interpretation. The Manchester Evening News suggests:

“It is believed the move has been made to stop supporters recording large portions of live matches on their tablet devices.”

Whatever the actual reason for the ban is, I’m willing to go out on a limb and offer a great big thank you for everyone who has ever been stuck behind an iPad Photographer at an event where having an unobstructed view of the action is part of the fun. As you can imagine, being stuck behind a “tablet event photographer” is like buying a seat directly behind a foot wide support beam at a concert, except the support beam would probably be less annoying.

That’s not to say tablet cameras do not have a purpose in this world, I just not sure event photography should be one of them.

[ via PetaPixel | Manchester Evening News ]

  • Owen Strzelewicz

    Hopefully. Taking pics with those things is so obnoxious and looks completely ridiculous.

  • shortbus

    Is iPad and tablet different

    • John C

      All iPads are Tablets, but not all tablets are iPada

  • Jason

    hope so. It’s embarrassing seeing so many of these as live events – they just get in the way of ppl who’ve paid to be there

  • Vlad Moldovean

    just because it has a camera dose not mean you don’t look ridiculous when you take pictures with a tablet

  • TomND

    Thin edge of the wedge. Phones will be next.

  • Gill R

    The MEN are out of their tree if they think they will stop people recording “large portions of live matches” by banning iPads. Have they never heard of mobile phones and compact cameras?

    However, they will stop idiots holding up much larger tablets and buggering up the views of people behind them!

  • Maksim Rugojev

    I think that manufacturers should limit photography on tablets to work only at home of the owner!

  • RBX

    I hope panning tablet photography becomes a trend. I have gotten so sick of going to concerts and hot being able to see the band because everyone has their tablets in the air blocking the view!

  • Jordan Stanhope Dean


  • Whitt Amore

    one can only hope. you want to take pictures? get a real camera or use your stupid phone. those tablets are terrible

  • Mike DF

    Banning tablets; that’s a bitter pill to swallow

  • Mensch

    I understand the intention of this measure. But as always, this ban is not properly formulated. They tell us that this is for security reason but in fact it is for keeping their claws on the intellectual property they sold for millions “exclusively” to some of the media companies. They don’t want to have scenes from the games NOT authorized by themselves but fear to tell this to the crowd.
    But as always, they talk about “tablets” and forget that there is a much higher problem with regular smartphones – but they fear to ban them since they are a common accessory to everyone these days.
    I hate this technology ignorance of some people declaring such bans.

  • Jon Peckham

    This is just more media monopoly nonsense. Sue them!!! Dont let them get away with this sheeple. Next thing you know they wont let you photograph in yosemite for frick sake!!!

  • Ben Anscombe

    I definitely fall into the “irritated by people in front using tablets at gigs, sporting events etc” However the most egregious use of tablets for photography I’ve seen was when I was on a RIB whale watching in Patagonia. The boat was bouncing around all over the place on the open sea and I found it hard enough to get any decent shots with my SLR and 300mm lens – I’ve no idea what theirs must have come out like.

  • twenty20

    who can watch a ninety minutes recording from a tablets without puking ?

  • chris

    Does that include banning laptops and tablets any reporter covering the game will use?