Making It Look Yammy

Food photographer Edward Cownas shares some of his food photography ideas. You can get some of the lighting as you watch the flick. Watching the flick also helps understand the complexity that is involved in food photography production.

Edward strikes me as the DIY guy (I could swear I saw him with scissors making a diffuser at one point. Warning – This video is not for people on diet. It was reported to kill five diets already and no solution is seen on sight. (More after the flick)

The biggest tip I got from the video was to make sure my lighting and set up are quite good before I get the real food out.

think this approach can be taken for other shootouts as well. Always be
as prepared as you can before your model (in our case food) comes out.

Food can loose it compelling looks after some time in the hot spotlight. But what about people? If you are shooting a friend, he may have the patience to wait until you get all your lights/setup. But on a real assignment, the model may be booked for a meeting 20 minutes after you’ve made your meeting, or worse, he may not have the patience to stand dumbfoldedly until you are ready.

So my tip is, be prepared before the main course model shows up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hit the fridge, this video really got my tummy furring.

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