Make A Water Resistant Camo Sleeve For The Canon 100-400L

IMG_6204 DIY 100-400L Rain and camo fleece

Rob Gipman submitted this great hack to our Flickr pool. It is a water resistant protective sleeve for the Canon 100-400L lens.

What makes this lens ideal for sleeve protection (aside than the $1459 price tag) is the fact that this lens zooms by retraction rather than by rotation

According to Rob, The fleece by itself is double sided and it already makes it a bit water resistant. But to be safe it was soaked in a water repellant solution called NR.2 protector for 30 minutes and after drying it in the dryer machine, it was sprayed with shoe water repellent spay.

After that, when water is put on the fleece they just roll off.

While NR.2 is specific to the Netherlands, 3M makes a similar product called Scotchgard and amazon has a ton of other alternatives to offer.

P.S. If you don’t have camo fleece lying around, you can always cut your pants.

[DIY 100-400L Rain and camo fleece | Rob Gipman]

  • anon

    I used my (gore-tex) raincoat’s sleeve once to protect my entire camera + telelens when shooting the Niagrafall (ok, it was not the 100-400L but rather the 55-250mm but whatever). Of course It was some sort of improvisation, but it did work perfectly, the camera and lens didn’t take any damage although it was very wet on that sight platform.
    I guess i was looking like photographers in the 30s having the coat hanging all over my head haha.
    That way is better ofc, however, why should you only protect your lens?

  • Crystal Madsen

    This looks awesome Im wondering if I should try this for my smaller lenses.