Make a PVC Table Dolly for Under $20 [video]

Make a PVC Table Dolly for Under $20 A while back we posted a tutorial on how to make a PVC video dolly. This dolly works great for in house on floors or tables or any other smooth surface.

The guys at Fugal Film Maker (kinda like DIYP, only for video) made a video version of constructing a very similar dolly, so if you had any questions about what goes in where or how to use the skateboard wheels your questions will be answered.

The video is a bit old, but still worth a watch if you just started videography and looking for inexpensive hacks.

Now, depending on your skills and need, you can build a something a bit more robust as the Mini-Rail Slider or go guerrilla with an DIY iPhone Camera Dolly.

Make a PVC Table Dolly for Under $20 via Lifehacker