Magic Lantern’s Focus Peaking Makes Freelensing A Snap

Magic Lantern's Focus Peaking Makes Freelensing A Snap

Freelensing is a form of photography where the lens is hand held in front of the body and is not inserted into the bionet. If you ever tried it, it is pretty cool and creates tilt/shift like effect, only with a random aspect to it because you are… well… hand holding the lens. This is why it’s called Freelensing.

If you are new to the subject, or just want a refreshment, Luke Roberts has a great introductory tutorial on freelensing (which is where the title sketch was taken from).

One of the harder things to do while freelensing is focusing, you are constantly moving, the camera is moving in relation to the subject, and the lens is moving in relation to the camera. This is where Magic Lantern can help. Magic Lantern is a custom firmware pack for Canon DSLRS which adds features to the camera.

One of those features is focus peaking, a feature which highlights the focused areas in the frame. So turning this feature on allows seeing when you are in focus. Here is a video tutorial on the subject by Chris Lambeth with this and other few tips:

[Using Magic Lantern For Free Lensing With Focus Peaking | Chris Lambeth, Freelensing | Luke Roberts]

  • Sam

    Gotta love magic lantern

  • Mark Berry

    Or, get a Sony ;). That way you’ll also be able to use focus peaking (and zoom), through the viewfinder.

    • Daniel Marques

      Not if you freelensing, because the lens is detached from the camera, dough!

      • Mark Berry

        I’m not with you; focus peeking/focus zooming still work with the lens detached on a Sony SLT, both through the EVF and with live view on the screen. I just tried it. Double doh?!

      • nameless

        Sony cameras got “Shutter release without lens” option or something like that.

  • DGVeLab

    Good, comfortable when using the lens by hand.
    I will try this function with the joint that I’m building.

    • udi tirosh

      would love to see that joint when you’re done with it

      • DGVeLab

        More than willing but I do not guarantee a short time, I have many projects in progress.

        • udi tirosh

          hehe. we are not gong anywhere in the near future 😉

  • Rob Gipman

    Have to try that on my 7d, been doing motion detect already and love it is a test shot

  • Dan Sulla

    The lens looks, the back backs away.

  • Dave Reynolds

    How do you keep dust off your sensor with this technique?

  • Jon Peckham

    Think of the dust problems in the cavity though!

  • saw0

    You are 2 years late…