Macro Photography Tip: Spraying Flowers

photography_macro_tip_fe1c978a2a_s.jpgJake O’Connell posted a comment, sharing his Ringlight in the CD Spindle Ringflash post. When doing this he also reminded me of a great macro tip. This photography tip is extremely useful when photographing flowers, but also when photographing “cold” drinks. It can also be applied when photographing some surfaces.

If you are a seasoned macro photographer, you can skip this tip, otherwise, keep reading.

If you want your flower to look fresh all you need to do is spray it with some water. You can use a simple spray bottle – they are sold in pennies.

For wake up and smell the grass at 4 am light dew like effect spray just a little bit. and stop.

Image by Dr. Antonio Comia

For heavier OH-My-GOD-IT-RAINED-CATS-AND-DOGS effect spray more and more, until big drops start to form.

Image by Ar. Hilmy

Do you have other macro tips? Share them in the comments.