Low On Budget? Consider A Desk Lamp + Softbox

1:18 New Beetle Car Model (by andygame)If you read this blog long enough, you know I am a big fan of small strobes. They are portable, relatively cheap, can squeeze some intense light and great for on the go. Key words for this post are relatively cheap.

While you can buy used SBs on eBay for a bit over $100 or a LumoPro for a similar price, you are still in for more than a $100 for lights.

Just saw photog Andy Game setup which has a great answer to the money issue.

Andy uses an overhead softbox that is lit by a CFL desk lamp. The setup uses a light tent, only instead of using an overhead flash it uses a DIY softbox and a desk lamp.

Being the good fellow that he is, Andy put a sketch together to describe the setup. (Be sure to click it to read the comments, lots of good info there).

Andy´s DIY Softbox (by andygame)

And there is an entire set of images taken with this setup here.