The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

There are two “issues” with your casual light stand – A) chances are it is pretty boring. Most are pro black (with a minor percent being silver to break the uniformity). B) while they would be perfect as a tripod for a small digital camera (or even a smartphone), they lack the tilt/pan head to make them useful.

The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

Enter The Lollipod – a somewhat of a hybrid between a light stand and a tripod. It has a narrow base with a mechanism that resembles a light stand and a top with a light-duty tilt-pan head. 

I played with a unit before they went public and absolutely loved it. At 320 grams, It is incredibly light and definitely small enough (32 cm) to fit in a backpack where you usually place a water bottle. Mine came screaming pink which immediately grabbed the attention of my daughter and I got a few minutes of photo-participation from her. (You can get them in a selection of other colors as well).

The Lollipod rises to about 1.30 meters extended and can carry up to 420 grams. That is a small camera (like the Canon X110, a smart phone or a strobe).

The Lollipod comes with two clever mashes – a small one that can be used to harness some weight to the light stand part of the legs. Kinda like a small sandbag. And a bigger bag like mesh.

The only issue I had with the Lollipod was its narrow base. When fully extended it was at about 25cm in diameter, so I would not leave it with anything heavy or sail-like out in the open.

The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

[Lollipod – The Tripod / Monopod / Boom / Lighting & Selfie Stand | $ 48.00]

  • Zord

    I’ve been looking for something like this.


    “The Cutest Light Stand”.
    Nice to see what is deemed important in photography equipment: must be “cute”.
    The standards keep falling on blogs these days, a sign of the times as the children grow into positions of some authority.
    Why do it right when you can just say something is “cute”?
    Interesting product, embarrassing description.

    • udi tirosh

      it’s pink

    • ext237

      Post your blog link so we have a good example. Or are you one of the folks that just post negative comments about other people’s work.

      • IAM_THE_KGB

        Camera equipment isn’t cute.
        Very simple.
        I guess you’re just “special”.

        • ext237

          So no link to a more perfect blog then? Just “special” comments? Ok then.

  • Jim Jackson

    The Lollipod has the most infuriating website! Lots of crap, but no simple overview of the product, how it works, or how to use it. I couldn’t even find detailed photos.

    I might have a use for such a product when I travel, but if I can’t even see what the product looks like, from top to bottom, they aren’t getting my money.

    • Edo

      I think you went out off bed with your wrong feet, why so harsh? If you look a little bit further all the info you’ll need will be found ( facebook, blog’s, pressinfo, youtube etc ,) And if you Look at the reviews from other blog sites at their facebook site you will find even more. Including photos. So please don’t jump to all these conclusions. By the way. I don’t have any relationship with this company. I’m a photografer based in the netherlands. Give people a chance!

      • Rick

        OP is correct. You shouldn’t have to cross reference multiple sites to get basic information. It should all be in one location.

      • Ezzy

        The site is also infuriatingly slow.