LIM Intervalometer Fits In A Liquorice Drops Box and Takes Time Lapse Movies

Intervalometer LIM revealed (by Majet)Reader Marco Jetti shared a really cool project on DIYP’s flickr pool. It is an Intervalometer project call LIM (Less Is More). Intervalometer is the thingy that allows you to take a picture every X seconds. And it is made with very basic electronics. It fits in a small liquorish box (which I guess is the Italian equivalent of Altoids).

Here is the cool thing. Marco added a very detailed diagram of the circuit as well as simulation and building steps. (This is very cool, Marco did just the same with his 5 km camera trigger)

Using the LIM Marco captured about 950 images 10 seconds apart to create a time lapse movie of a building. (Proving again that magic hour only lasts about 20 minutes).

The circuit simulation is shown below (parts list)

Lastly, this is how the device attaches to the camera

I-LIM at work (by Majet)

Check out the entire LIM set on Flickr here.