The Sigma EF-500 flash – Light duration vs. output power

The measurements in the below table help to illustrate the amount of time that the flash is emitting light in each of its various power setting. This time is crucial when taking high speed photos.

Measurements were done with a Photo-diode, oscilloscope set to 50ohm.


1/1 Output power

1/2 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-2
1/4 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-4
1/8 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-8
1/16 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-16
1/32 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-32
1/64 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-64
1/128 Output power light_duration_vs_output_power_ef500-128


contributed by Karsten Stroemvig (aka Lullaby)