Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh Techniques

Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh TechniquesJust in case you did not notice, DIYP has a slight obsession with shaped bokeh. While we covered almost anyregularaspect of this technique, I am pleased to learn that there are always new applications for some good old shaped bokeh.

This one made by Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher (Supernormals) is a short movie that uses type bokeh. i.e. shaped bokeh with words. The movie, some tips on type bokeh and a short BTS after the jump

Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher who is the cool dude behind this movie, share some tips on how to make bokeh types.

The challenge is double: fitting a word into small space and dealing with letters that has “floating parts” like “R”, “B” and so on. they came up with a pretty slick solution.

Thanks for the tip @FatBlood