Light Tents

tent light standPhotographer Peter Karlsson has it all worked out when it comes to travel light. Peter is a Strobist at heart and as such he is using small flashes quite a bit. The coolness comes in when you see how he places his flashes in space.

Instead of your orthodox light stand solution Peter uses a home brewed light stand made of tent poles. Those are great for travel for several reasons: There are super light-weight, they fold small and they will definitely make your subject go WOW! Luckily for photographers wold wide there are two vids available that shows how those light stands were made.

Vid 1 – Coolness Introduced to The World (from here)

Vid 2 – The Making of (from here)

Check out the comments on both videos as they have some great advice. Also if you like the concept, say hi and thanks Peter for sharing.

[via strobist]