Light Tent And Paper Binders – Refolded

Light Tent And Paper Binder - RefoldedToday @AM time I discussed a light tent made from virtually nothing but coroplast and binders. (Not the previous supermarket-box-light-tent took more products to make).

Then I saw a variation on that theme by Nathan Moroney that used nothing but paper binders to create a very similar light same tent.

Now, if you think that coroplast tent was frugal, this one is on the fringe of being made from pure nothing. (Link and musing after the jump).

Before the link, I feel I should give a fair warning, stealing office supplies is wrong. There is a special place in hell where you are spanked for every marker, paperclip and binder that was not used for the sole purpose of filing and ordering the pile of coloring pages you printed for your kids your paperwork in an enhancing-office-productivity-to-its-maximum way.

That said, the paper binders light tent how-to post has a very detailed setup instructions, so I will not repeat them here. I’ll just muse some on why I think this idea is so cool.

Light Tent And Paper Binder - Refolded

Firstly, it really is one on the lightest carrying tents I have ever seen. A handful of binders and you’re there. You will have to get some papers, however, those can be found, well, anywhere.

Secondly, tear down time is seconds. (And yes you can actually tear down the setup).

Thirdly, while the tent is a sure lover of speedlites, it will function well with clamp lights. And if you have those clamp lights around (which you should for the sake of frugality) cost will really be down to nothing. This would be very similar to the paper and cans setup by Jim Talkington, only with very minimal preparation.

Fourthly, while I have not tested it, I think that with some added zigzag folds along the walls the tent will hold up well even if build from sketching paper.

[via lifehacker]