Light Stencils Video Tutorial (And A Pacman Bonus)

Light Stencils Video Tutorial (And A Pacman Bonus)One of the more interesting methods used in lightpainting is Light Stencils. We featured a written tutorial for light stencils a while back, and thought a video tut will help to better understand how to make the stencils “box”.

“Surprisingly”, the design is very similar to a DIY softbox, after all both are used to make the light come out from a front screen.

Lighting painting artist group fiz-iks just released their video tut on how to make those boxes, and an eighties inspired movie which demonstrates the power of those boxes. Both after the jump.
If you’re a robotic voice fan, this light stencils tut is for you

And if you still live in the 80s, this vid is for you (made by combining single light painted photographs)

You can see more of those on fiz-iks YouTube Channel.