Light Painting Primer (In French With Subtitles)

French photographer Wen-Jié Yangjust is pretty talented when it comes to light painting.

Light Painting Primer (In French With Subtitles)

The good news is that he had just released an awesome light painting tutorial, covering the basics, intermediate and a bit of the more advanced stuff.

Bad news is that the video is in French (unless you speak French, of course).

Good news again, we asked him to translate it and he agreed, so subtitles are included.

Wen-Jié has a great light painting section on his portfolio and we are looking forward to seeing more of his tutorials.

P.S. Like what you see? There is a whole bunch of light painting tutorials on the blog, including one that covers light painting tools and one for light painting with fireworks!

[Light Painting Tutorial by Wen-Jié Yang]