Light Painting A B-25 Bomber

B-25: Bomber Crew Plus OneL.A. based photographer Eric Curry likes it big when it comes to light painting. Actually he likes it huge and would stop at nothing smaller than a B-25 Bomber.

Eric creates complex composites of partly lit areas of the complete picture. The amazing thing is the magnitude of objects Eric chooses to photograph.

In Eric’s American Pride And Passion he light paints objects in connection with the American spirit. Luckily, Eric shares video tutorials of his work.

“This photographic series is my attempt to draw out the beauty and passion from everyday objects that come alive during my controlled lighting at night.

By carefully composing and lighting these real-life objects, and with the help of volunteer photographic assistants, I´m striving to interpret them as metaphors for values of character, honor, integrity and pride, exemplified by the people who work with this equipment on a regular basis.

Light Painting a B-25 Bomber

Light Painting an Airstream Trailer

You can follow Eric’s work on his Flickr stream.