Let’s Make A Pinhole Polaroid Camera

let's make a pinhole polaroid camera!Stefan Powell made one of the coolest pinhole camera’s I’ve seen. (He does that when he doesn’t make his head spin)

It is not accurate. It does not use regular film. And it is a close relative of  Just Fab’s Turkey Pan Beauty Dish.

Stefan had a nice twist on the good old pinhole camera and he is using an aluminum plate (not big enough for a turkey. maybe some chicken wings…).

This is not new. People have been making pinhole cameras from just about anything.  

The innovative thing there is that Stefan does not have to wait till the negatives come back. He is using Polaroid. Read the full tutorial here.

let's make a pinhole polaroid camera!

Only one thing on my wish list for this one – attach the broken Polaroid part to the lower end of the foil. If this is possible, you’ll be able to take multiple images with no hustle at all.

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