LED On A Can

Here is an interesting concept from Eric Ferguson. Eric took a roll of flexible LED strips and wrapped it on a can which he attached to an umbrella.

The nice thing about this mod is that unlike DIY LED strip light, you don’t need to cut the LED into strips. This means it that this project requires no soldering, making it a quicka nd easy project to get the full power of a 600 LED strip.

LED On A Can

I can see two obvious cool factors here:

1. A typical roll of 12v LED is usually 2 Amps, just right for the average power convertor for just about any gadget that you already have somewhere around the house.

2. This would probably be a great on-location light with a 12V battery.

, As much as I love the idea of light light in an umbrella, I think I am going to love it even more in a modifier that is has the light a bit more controlled for spill, like an Apollo softbox.

[via CheesyCam]