Help Democratize Creativity By Learning From The Best (For Free)

creative liveWouldn’t it rock if you could attend a photography class with Chase Jarvis or  Vincent LaForet or David DuChemin or Zack Arias or Scott Bourne or  Art Wolfe.

Wouldn’t it even rock-er if you could do this from home. And for free.

Chase has just launched a new site doing just that. With the high goal of “help democratize creativity“, chase is building a list of courses and podcasts online classes with all of the hotshots above. Hit the Jump for more info, and an introduction clip.The sessions will be held live so any one can register and participate (afterview/download will cost a fee).

The courses list is posted here. Some of the ones that caught my eye are: Studio Photography with Zack Arias, Vision-Driven Photography with David duChemin and Fundamentals of Digital Photography with John Greengo [starts today].

The full schedule can be seen here.

For more details, here is the official post from Chase’s blog. And the introduction video:

Lastly, here is the link to