Landscapes V3 Is One Heck Of An Epic Timelapse

This blog has seen its share of time lapse movies. But this time lapse caught us completely unprepared.

Dustin Farrell skipped his work here and there as VP/DP at Crew West to shoot a collection of time lapse videos all over the world. With trips to the entire desert southwest and two trips to Iceland (summer and winter) he really captured some amazing footage.

As far as gear goes, Dustin used a Canon 5D Mk3 for camera (check 2:34 for some 3200ISO porn), Dynamic Perception timelapse rails, and a motorized TB3 pan/tilt head from eMotimo.

Kinda makes me feel bad about the things that I do when I skip job.Here are the two previous movies in this series.

Landscapes: Volume Two

Landscapes: Volume One

[Dustin Farrell via planet5D]