Laid Back Countinous Light Ring Flash Tutorial

Layed Back Continuous Light Ring Flash TutorialIf you’ve been here over that last week, you know that we love ring flashes. In fact we love them so much we made one :)

While we have featured many many strobe based ring flashes, there is one thing they can not do. Shoot video. This is where you would have to go to a continuous light ring lights.

They have a very flattering quality of light. It just because they are usually so big. If an average strobe ring flash is 40 cm across, you can easily build an 8 or 12 bulbs ring light which is a meter across. Which is just what British videographer Rick Clarke did.

The video is packed with useful info both on how this light works and on how you would go building one with a very minimal set of tools.

If you made it here, there is also a less laid back American version :)