Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘The Fade Of Fallen Memories’ Is An Ode To Passion And Details

The Fade Of Fallen Memories

If you are not familiar with Kirsty Mitchell you may want to take a few minutes and check her work. Her latest project, Wonderland (previously) is already one of our all time favorites. Today, Kirsty released a new installment of the series and it is as amazing as everything that led to it.

This piece called The Fade Of Fallen Memories is about saying goodbye and Kirsty does a wonderful job of explaining it:

“The Fade Of Fallen Memories” is a goodbye, both in the Wonderland story but also within the real world, in my own life. Their parallels intertwined in such a way that it gives me chills, it brings me both happiness and sadness all at once, but above all this photograph is about release…….
In Katie’s world, it is the end of her time in Wonderland, the door being the final piece of the puzzle that fits the queen’s key she has carried close to her heart throughout her journey. In my world, it is the metaphor for letting go of the years of grief I have carried with me and taking that final step back towards reality.

There is a video showing the last few steps of the production, but it only shows the shooting day and not everything that happened prior to that.

One of the strongest elements of this shoot was the door and Kirsty shares what she felt about it and how long it took to make:

In my mind I always knew the door scene would be one of my most difficult challenges because ever since I first imagined it over 2 years ago, it has become something almost impossible to live up to. Physically it had to be the most beautiful door I could possibly create, built in the name of kings and queens, and worthy of the lands that surrounded it

The story of this photos in remarkable and filled with small little details (like the fact that they used 100 bags of flour to create the ‘frost’), so head over to Kirsty’s blog to read the full story, and to the wonderland minisite to see the rest of the series.

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  • Syms

    Absolutely breathtaking. Wow! So much detail….