Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

I love my iPhone, but I always felt that the 3.5 inch screen was a bit to small. Luckily, Instructabes user iamaledgend came up with a clever way to project the iPhone screen onto a wall.

Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

It takes very little to make this happen. All you need is a box of Nikes, some spare Lego parts for mounting and fixing the iPhone and a cheapo magnifiying glass as the projectors’ lens.

Oh, and a very, VERY dark room. Since you’ll only be using the iPhone screen for illumination of a big wall, the projection will be pretty dim, and as an added bonus, it removes facial expressions.

“It is a little fuzzy so it is hard to read facial expressions from a far away shot of the picture the colors are also not as bright but the quality is pretty good considering the whole thing only cost a dollar.” #

That said, I think it a great weekend project to do with your kids if you wanna discuss the physics of light.

And if you wanna build a bigger gun, you can always go for one of those.

[How to make a projector for your iPod/iPhone for about a $1 via Lifehacker]

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