5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

Here are 5 Kickstarter projects that I think deserve to get funded.

[There is a rant coming, if you just want the projects, hit the jump. But if you want a fair warning, read on]

5 Kickstarter Projects I Would Love To See Get Funded

It was not an easy decision to run this post. I you noticed, DIYP has stopped featuring Kickstarter campaigns long while ago. The reasons were many but to sum it up, Kickstarter did not show accountability on their platform and many projects backed and funded delivered with huge delays (or have yet to deliver at all).

You see, kick starter is not like a shop, there is a risk factor involved. When you back a project, you buy in on coolness and early adoption (and possibly lower pricing), but may of the makers on Kickstarters are exactly that. Makers. This is not a bad thing. But there is a world of difference between making something and mass producing something. It involves managing a chain of supply, accounting for logistics, support & recalls, taking care of storage. And all and all the overhead of mass production is very different from making a few units in the basement (which is a cool thing by itself).

Those inherent changes, are not always taken into account when running a Kickstarter. But there is more. I like to think of the photography community as a tech-savvy-early-adopter-gear-lasting kind of community, so any Kickstarter that shows a good promise is something that makes us go “take my money and shut up”. Not always remembering that a Kickstarter may come at a price of uncertainty. Uncertainty of final features, uncertainty of final appearance and most of all uncertainty of delivery date.

All that said, here are 5 projects that I think should fund. They are all extremely cool and innovative as a Kickstarter should be. but this is not why they are featured here. They are here either because they are a dad-in-the-garage kind of project or on the other end of the spectrum coming from a reputable company. Both, I believe, are worth giving a chance too.

Please by any means don’t take this post as a lift on the rule regarding individual Kickstarters.

Now, if you are still with me, here are 5 projects that I believe are a good place to spend your money.

Triggertrap Redsnap: Modular Camera Trigger

[Real deal rewards at £35 and up] We deal with quite a lot of high speed photography on the blog and share quite a bit of tools. The Triggertrap Redsnap may end up being one of the more awesome ways to trigger a camera. You know the basic idea – something happens, the shutter opens / a flash pops. The Redsnap takes this concept to extreme by providing an open source, expandable unit. (I also must say I am a sucker for the hot design).

Pinhole, Printed – a 3D printed pinhole camera

[Real deal rewards at $29 and up] This has to be one of the cutest projects I’ve seen on Kickstarter. The names pretty much gives it up it is a 3D printed pinhole camera which if you ask me, is nothing but a labor of love. I doubt that this project will ever become a commercial business, but just the thought of making a fully usable camera with 3D printing makes we cry with joy.

Pitchfork Pod: The Travel-Friendly Versatile Video Monopod

[Real deal rewards at $85 and up] This is a smart take on a monopod. Instead of having a single point of contact with the ground, the Pitchfork has two points of contact with the ground (using an H shaped bracket) giving it more stability for video shots.

The clever part is that it also transforms into a shoulder stock video rig utilizing the same H bracket. I have not tried it, so I don’t know if it is comfortable, but it is definitely innovative.

True-View™ – Take 3D photos & videos with your smartphone

[Real deal rewards at £62 and up] The True View (gotta love anyone who adds ™ to their Kickstarter name) is the most ambitious project on this list. It is definitely something new and innovative. The device is a beautifully crafted device that allows you to take 3D photos and videos with your smartphone.

The concept is cool and I have to take my hat off for how awesome the final product looks. Sadly with 16 days to go and 96% of funding still missing, I am not sure this one will make it.

The Sebbo – A Bright and Colorful Rechargeable LED Wristband

[Real deal rewards at $35 and up] The Sebbo is a color-changing, programmable wrist band. It is not photography per-se, but it is included in this list for the cool ways you can use it with light painting

I am curious, will you be backing any of those?

  • vinterchaos

    Red Snap is cool but wont work on my NEX-7 so, nope.. won’t be back any of them.

  • Chuck Griffin

    I’m backing the Red Snap, definitely was looking into ways to get a lightning trigger. Just have to wait patiently. At least I can use their mobile phone version while I wait.

  • catlett

    No. I did fun the original Trigger Trap. Ultimately they delivered but they were very late and the founder went on the web bragging about making money on Kickstarter well before he delivered the goods to any of us.

    • Haje Jan Kamps

      Hi Catlett! I’m the founder of Triggertrap… I think I know which article you refer to – it was one on Gizmodo: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2012/01/triggertrap-the-story . I was pretty upset with the editors about that one: The original story was “Creating my own gadget”, and they changed it to “How Invented a gadget and made thousands on Kickstarter”. Most of the rest of the post is unchanged, but the headline was changed… And it completely changed the ‘feel’ of the piece.

      Yes, it was crazy delayed… But I’ve learned a lot in the meantime, and we’re hoping to get it right this time around.

      • catlett

        I am VERY glad to hear your explanation of that article. I don’t blame you for being upset. That was a pretty significant an bad change, especially since the article came out before manufacturing came together. The design for the new product looks very nice and your original certainly works as advertised. Best of luck.

      • catlett

        I ended up coming around completely on this. Your explanation about the poor journalism was welcome but I also stopped by your exhibit at the NY PhotoPlus expo and was really impressed with how far along the new form factor is. I ended up talking myself up to a Red kit. Now I have to be patient for a few months. Best of luck with production.

  • ChuckEye

    Already backing the Sebbo, since it’s a local (Houston) project. RedSnap looks promising too.

  • Pete Molick

    Great to see the Kickstarter reviews back, DIYP! As someone who has experimented a lot in the past with light painting in my photography, I couldn’t be more excited about the Sebbo. In fact, I’m lucky enough to know the creators and to have had the chance to experiment with them quite a bit already and it is a truly unique light source that blows anything else I’ve used out of the water. The default setting creates a huge gamut of color that brings any sort of photo to life, and the endless customization options will allow photographers to use it in tons of ways. Aside from photography, the Sebbo is just a ton of fun, whether it be for dancing around with, being seen at night while cycling or tossing it around for a night game of catch. All of which are fun to capture on camera!

    Also super excited about the new Trigger Trap! I own the original and it’s been a great help on past timelapse/long exposure projects and the new high speed and lightning features are incredibly promising.

    Great feature, DIYP!

  • ninja

    camera axe 5

  • Frank

    This thread won’t be complete until the other 3 Kickstarter guys show up in the comments to jock their product.