July Is Projection Month On DIYP

Photography is light. Light hits the subject, travels through a lens and hits a sensor or a piece of film, creating an image. Everything else is just there to assist.

However, light can definitely go the reverse way, with the laws of physics enabling a complete reversed path. Light coming from somewhere near the sensor plate, going through a lens and arriving at a screen or a wall re-building an image.

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Come to think about it this is almost magical, yet this is how cinema came to be, and how some of our sweetest memories were created.

Now here comes the interesting part, While photography and projection can be considered complete opposites, combined they can produce some of the most creative art possible.

Which is what we are going to explore the month of July.

Consider this short video by Wriggles & Robins as a short teaser, where an entire love story is projected onto the warm breath of a loving couple

More great art and some interesting announcements coming up this month. Stay tuned.

  • ext237

    That is very cool! No cold breath in 104dF temps in Houston though! :). Would be cool on dry ice I bet!