Join Our Mailing List For A Chance To Win One Of Two Nero Triggers

Join Our Mailing List For A Chance To Win One Of Two Nero Triggers

The kind folks at Nero Trigger gave us two units to give away. If you’ve never heard of Nero triggers, they are those small nifty colorful units that bring lots of triggering control into your photography workflow.

As a way of saying thanks for your time, we are going to give those two triggers (value $199 each) to two lucky subscribers of our newsletter. This newsletter is a pack of awesomeness that currently goes out every other Wednesday and includes the top stories reviews and inspiration from the past week or two. (There is one going tomorrow so if you register today, you’ll have one in less than 24 hours, YAY!)

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If you want to hear more info about Nero Trigger here this is your chance:

Nero Triggers

Join Our Mailing List For A Chance To Win One Of Two Nero Triggers

The Nero Trigger is designed to add advanced triggering features to cameras. The Nero Trigger works by sensing a change based on its mode and then quickly firing your camera in order to capture moments. It features six different modes of operation with adjustable sensitivity in order to fit your needs.

The different modes include Lightning, Sound, Timelapse, Laser, HDR, and DIY. The Lighting mode triggers your camera to catch light events like lightning or fireworks. The Sound mode activates upon hearing a noise and the Laser mode triggers when the beam is broken. The additional modes add HDR and Timelapse capabilities to your camera. Also, the DIY mode allows you to create any kind of triggering system you would like.

This system allows for automated advanced shooting of high-speed or difficult to capture subjects. It also has adjustable sensitivity via the color LCD screen for more precise triggering. The Nero Trigger includes a camera connection cable and a PC Sync cable for triggering flashes.

Easy to Use: Seamless navigation experience between functions thanks to user friendly menu
Compact Size: Very lightweight and compact sized. You can carry it around in your bag easily
Colorful Screen: Whether it’s day or night NeroTrigger’s colorful screen will provide you the best solution while taking shots
Replacable Battery: Works with 2XAAA battery and battery life is extended with minimum power consumption

6 Different Mode of Operations:

Lightning Mode:
Lightning mode as the name suggests this is a “light activated trigger”, capturing events such as lightning, fireworks and other occasions where a sudden change in light is detected.

Sound Mode:
Sound Mode can be used to capture High Speed events like popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items etc

Laser Mode:
Laser Mode is great for wildlife, water drops and exploding items. A basic laser pointer is required to use this feature.

Timelapse Mode:
Timelapse Mode triggers your camera to your desired time interval between each shot. It is easy to create Timelapse videos.

HDR Mode:
HDR Mode allows the user to set the NeroTrigger to fire off a burst of bracketed shots of up to 7 frames with an exposure bias of 1/3, 1/2 and 1 stop.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Mode:
DIY mode allows you to trigger your camera by receiving any type of external signal as a triggering event.

Join Our Mailing List For A Chance To Win One Of Two Nero Triggers

You can learn more about Nero Triggers By visiting their website and image galleries.

The Small Print

  • This giveaway is international, everybody is welcome to enter.
  • We pay for shipping, you pay for any local taxes, fees and duties.
  • You can only enter this contest if you are legally allowed to.
  • 2 winners will be randomly picked on Monday, March 3rd.
  • We will send the winners an email, if we dont get a response in two days, we move down the list. (repeat till completed).

UPDATE: Thank everybody for joining, the giveaway has now ended and mails were sent ot the winners (Branden and Amber). Huge thanks to Nero trigger for supplying the prizes.

  • Rick

    Nice to see a giveaway that doesn’t require Facebook. I have no use for one (and thus won’t be entering) but it’s still nice to see Facebook out of the equation.

  • Joshua Post

    Only for Nikon?

    • udi tirosh

      for almost any camera out there, let me fix that typo…..

  • dmb

    2 winners will be randomly picked on Monday, Feb 3rd. ? Should that be March ?

    • udi tirosh

      yes it should. thanks for the catch!

  • David Pinsent

    For those of who tend read through things quickly I can tell you that “Nero Triggers” are two words that shouldn’t be next to each other

  • Christopher Wheeling

    “2 winners will be randomly picked on Monday, Feb 3rd.”


    • udi tirosh

      March, of course. fixed!

  • ext237

    Been on the mailing list since the last website update a couple of years ago or more. Totally worth it!

  • Rostislav Alexandrovich

    just realized that we’re neighbors

  • Scott Bourke

    Cant believe I wasn’t already on the email list. Look forward to the email Udi.

  • Mark

    Signed up:) This trigger would be awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity.