Jennifer Lawrence Goes Against Airbrushed Models And Judging Based on Appearance

Aside from being a Hollywood meteor (The Hunger games, The silver lining and actually every other movie of 2013) Jennifer Lawrence has quite a strong feeling about the beauty industry which she is a part of.

Jennifer Lawrence Goes Against Airbrushed Models

In a recent Q&A session with Yahoo, Jennifer was asked to give advice to young girls about people judging other people based on appearance.

Aside from giving a heartedly advice about not starving to make other people happy, she also expresses her disappointment from the media for fueling unrealistic expectations from women, and goes against “airbrushed” models.

Jennifer herself has also admitted that she is shopped in her ad campaigns and that her real self looks nothing like the ads. (We disagree).

We hope that this statement from Jennifer Lawrence along with more agencies using “real life models” will eventually turn the tide with the way models are being used in ads.

  • Mike

    But what if someone if fat and massively overweight?

    Telling them so they know it is better than them being a drain on the worlds finite resources when they need extra healthcare, cause more fuel to be used when flying or driving, all the extra fabric they need for clothes.

    Fat people are just greedy.

    When you are so fat you need a special mobility scooter to get around it’s time to take a look in a very wide mirror and sort your eating habits out.