It’s raining DIY Beauty Dishes

Following my post on home made beauty dishes, I got mails with tons of follow up to this beauty dish. Heck, most were much better then my original idea (and no, I am not sure they even saw my post before making their own beauty dishes). Some did better construction, some did better finish, some gave better explanations, and some just did the same, but cooler.

Here are the top three beauty dishes:

Jedrek did some great job with a nice cheat sheet on how to make those beauties:

jedrek beuaty dish

Here is another very cool design by hereward99 – isn’t the Perspex thing cool?

hereward99 beuaty dish

lastly, there is this one – not in English but the picture in the end is great.

The reason I am sharing this info is two fold: A – you have to admit – those DIY hakcs are really, really cool. And B – once an idea goes out to the web it will grow, expand, get variations, and will come back better and improved.

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