It Takes A Big Camera To Photograph A Big Space Rocket

If you had a chance to shoot one of America great modern wonders, the Saturn V Rocket, what camera would you use. I mean, that is some respected rocket, being the one that landed me on the moon.

Our pal Destin (whom you may recall as the guy who shoots matches) met with Darren Samuelson, the maker of the Great Big Camera, at the US Space and Rocket Center to shoot the Saturn V with one of the biggest cameras I know.

The camera weighs about 70 pounds and takes in film sheets which are 504 sq inch big. This much films should allow it to photograph a huge amount of details.

The last thing that got my attention was the amount of time spent on measurements, with today’s digital meters, metering is becoming more rare, but I guess that if you are going to expose 504 sq inches, develop and then print it, you wanna make sure you are on the dot.

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