It Only Took One Day To Hack Adobe Photoshop CC

One of the speculation on the move Adobe made to the creative cloud is that it was done to address piracy. This is not surprising considering that Photoshop is probably the most pirated software ever.

Adobe CC was only released yesterday. Yet, a quick search on any of the big “sharing” sites reveals a Photoshop CC torrent, at least for windows. I guess this is not as surprising as it may seem considering the licensing software used by the new CC applications. Each application is installed with an offline copy, and connects to the authorization server upon installation and then every 30 days.

It Only Took One Day To Hack Adobe Photoshop CC

It would be pretty interesting to see how/if Adobe fights this piracy.

FIY, DIYP is against piracy pretty strongly, it just pisses everybody off.

[via fstoppers]

  • Robert Miler

    just because there is a torrent, doesn’t mean there is a hack. Just go buy it it will probably be far cheaper, or at least less frustrating than letting in whatever virus that is labeled as PS CC.

    • TonkaTuck

      Except of course for the whole part where they mention it having a hack…

  • ranainsana

    why single out mu torrent?

  • Felipe

    Can be a virus, a video, anything else.

  • huster

    of course you are against piracy.. you never used a warez copy.. sure.
    bigots…. and hipocryts

    • Buster, son of Huster

      Bigotry! Hypocrisy! Ellipses!

  • Secula

    I don’t have internet on my workstation. Can I use PS CC?

    • Martin

      For month to month licenses you have to be online once every 30 days, for Annual Licenses you have to be online once every 99. Also if you workstation does not have internet you would not be able to download CC anyway.

  • nineplymaple

    That is the best, most accurate image ever used to illustrate photoshop piracy. Wallpaper’d.

  • xystren

    I am not the least bit surprised. DRM protection has always been a double edged sword. I haven’t upgraded since CS2 and likely won’t (thought I did purchase Lightroom). I have hated subscription based software since it’s inception starting with antivirus updates in the early 90s. So, quite honestly, I don’t have much sympathy for Adobe in this matter.

    Simply, I’m unable to justify the cost of subscription, and then to be locked into that subscription til the “end of time” just doesn’t work for me.

    I can stick with CS2 and get the majority of what I need done. And for the rare thing I can’t get done with CS2? I can talk to my printer friend (his company can afford and justify the costs of the subscription) and borrow his computer and software for the rare occasion that I need. That would just cost me is a bottle of wine or case of beer and I also get spend some extra time with a good friend.