Is A CHDK For Nikon Around The Corner?

Is A CHDK For Nikon Around The Corner?

After last month’s notice about Nikon firmware getting decrypted by Simeon Pilgrim and Vitaliy Kiselev, I thought we may see a nice NHDK (kinda like CHDK, but colored yellow).

If you are unfamiliar with CHDK, it is a <cough, cough> custom firmware for Canon cameras that adds features to low end models, stuff like Raw shooting, manual modes to low-end models, scripting ability and more. It is great if you want to capture hi res time-lapses or capture lighting shots with little effort. I used it in a lot of projects with my faithful G9.

There is also a higher end <hi end cough> custom firmware that is oriented more towards the Canon HDSLR users called Magic Lantern. This one adds video related features to the DSLR Canon line.

I was wondering what the decryption of Nikon’s firmware will mean to the Nikon community and it seems like the first bird is a Star Wars themed control menu. Not too shabby for a test run. For now it only includes a text change for some of the menus, but I would be surprised if this pilot does not evolve into a bigger-better thing.

Here is the list of text changes (geeky, yet fun)

  • Holocron – Playback menu
  • Weapon System – Shooting menu
  • Super Stardestroyer – Custom Setting menu
  • Hyperdrive – Setup Menu
  • Go to Dagobah Luke – Format Memory Card
  • Death Star Codes – Firmware Version
  • A Jedi? – Update? (new update screen)
  • (help: StarWars v1.01)
  • The Cantina – Retouch Menu
  • My Menu – unchanged
  • Dark side of force! – Subject is too dark
  • Light side of force! – Subject is too light

I wonder what’s in store for the NHDK, and what features it will offer. One cool thing for sure would be the ability to load it from a card, similarly to CHDK,  rather than install it on the camera’s flash. Anything you’d like to see?

Nikon Hacker via PetaPixel, Nikon Rumors

  • Adrien Shefla

    you can, but not on live view mode