Introducing DIY Lighting Kits: Great Light – Light On Your Wallet

DIY Lighting Kits: Great Light – Light On Your Wallet Wouldn’t it be nice if your DIY Ring Flash was perfect. I mean, really perfect – almost pro like.

What If it had superb even light, looked slick and was made from top notch materials? It would be nice wouldn’t it? What if that Ring Flash only cost as much as  a large pizza at Dominos?

What if for even less you could easily mount two (or four) strobes on one light stand and have full on axis light?

Well, I got some exiting news for you!

Introducing DIY Lighting Kits

The idea behind the DIY Lighting brand is simple:

  1. We design great kits that can be sold for affordable prices
  2. Never compromise on quality
  3. Assembly is done by you
  4. You take great pictures

The DIY Ring Flash

DIY Ring Flash

DIYPhotography has just released a new kit – the DIY Ring Flash Kit. Here is what you get:

  • A super-cool Ring Flash that you will assemble yourself
  • Great for even and shadowless light
  • Great as fill light
  • Light quality is even and excellent
  • Has a slick black finish
  • Detailed instructions
  • Comes in a flat box
  • Optionalmounting bracket

Sample Pictures

DIY Ring Flash Sample 1 DIY Ring Flash Sample 2 DIY Ring Flash Sample 3 DIY Ring Flash Sample 4


DIY Ring Flash

The Double Flash Bracket

Double Flash Bracket

Our second kit is a Double Flash Bracket.

  • Mount two strobes on one lighting stand.
  • Used a long spigot (not included) to mount four strobes. (
  • Double your flash output or
  • Cut your recycle time in half
  • Totally flat

DIY Double Flash Bracket

The Video And The Givaway

This was just too good not to to do a video with. We made it so there are plenty of things you can count: Characters, Models, Ring Lights, Strobes, Pyramids and a bunch of other things.

See if you could count this stuff and leave them in the comments or tweet somthing like: “Oh my Godthe video on DIY Lighting Kits has 5 pyramidss” or ” I can’t belive that the DIY lighting vidoe has 20 pizzas in it”.

In three days, I will select one of the tweets and award them with a full set of kits: the ring, the bracket and the dboule flash bracket.

Update: Winning tweet by @Number1CanJump : The DIY Lighting Kit Video, 8 still frames with 15 ‘covered’ eyes! Why the odd number? Watch!