Inspiration & Risk: Do You Know Why You Wake Up In The Morning?

Inspiration & Risk: do You know Why You Wake Up In The Morning?

Readers of DIYP probably know Benjamin Von Wong. It is that crazy guy who creates inspirational art (or sets models on fire, or submerges them underwater).

I think it is not a know fact that Ben has only been shooting professionally for about 18 months. And actually quit his first job as an event photographer to peruse a career in engineering.

But then Ben quit his engineering life, and without a safety net jumped into the (cold, crowded) pool of making his job (and his life) 100% photography. Always seizing opportunities and never letting anything escape (even if the personal price was high).

The video below from Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite pokes at bit at Ben’s brain. I am sharing this because I think Ben’s finishing words are strong and inspirational:

The fear will always be there, it never truly leaves. Fear of failure, fear the unknown, fear of instability. But sometimes those fears are way better than the alternative. Of not knowing what you waking up for in the morning. I know what I wake up for in the morning, and that is the graph life by the balls, to live the ups the downs and everything in between and I believe, I believe that I will succeed at whatever I set my mind to do because that is the reality that I have chosen to live in, and in this reality also choose to believe in you.

[The inspirational journey of Von Wong in 5 minutes | Benjamin Von Wong]

  • Chris

    crazy guy! As I watched the video I thought about how many people did the same and failed?

  • JP Danko

    The thing that inspires me the most about Ben is how he didn’t just stick to weddings and real estate headshots, the safe gigs that pay the bills – he set his throttle to full out crazy awesome cool. That is something I need to do more often.

  • Jon

    “Graph Life by the Balls.” I think my Economics teacher had that tattooed on his arm.

    I enjoy reading and watching Ben and I like the positivity he brings to everything, though in this case I think this matter cannot be solved with pure, unbridled optimism. I’ve known more than a few people who followed their hearts and struck out on their own, only to crash and burn. I’ll never forget one of my old managers who left his job to design t-shirts. He had great ideas, a solid business model, and a crap-ton of dedication. He was back at work within 3 months.

    The truth of the matter is that sometimes, when you throw caution to the wind, the wind throws a dirty diaper right back at you, and no amount of enthusiasm or gumption or whatever will change that. I do think it is important to work a job that you love, but you have to be reasonable, and it probably doesn’t hurt to have something to fall back on.

  • Green Solution Collective

    Very nice photo. I love how you did the man breathing out fire! Very artistic!