Incredible 3 Minutes One Shot Switching Between Hand Held, Cable Rig And A Truck Crane

Sometimes product ads pull some of the more impressive footage just to show you how cool their product is. This is indeed the case with the latest sub $5,000 DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal system.

This short flick designed to demonstrate the performance of the Ronin under various conditions shows some impressive transitions between operating modes. See if you can watch the flick and understand how they pulled it off before hitting the jump and watching the BTS. (be warned, your cheesyness radar may explode, yet the shots are completely awesome)

The shot starts with a hand held shooter, placing the camera (and stabilizer) on a cable rig to descent a floor, then goes to another operator. It then goes yet to another operator through a window, and finally it latches onto a cineranger which is a truck operated crane. Pretty impressive for a rig that should cost under 5K.

[Brainstorm: A Short Film Shot on the DJI Ronin via reframe]


  • Doug Birling

    is it my playback or is there a subtle jerkiness that could be camera movement? Love what you can do with these types of rigs though.

  • Ion Turcanu

    Technology is not an excuse for bad concepts

  • Jake Lunniss

    Fuck. Yes.

  • JP Danko

    Love it – and the concept!

  • Aaron W

    Just turn the sound off and it’s amazing.