How To Improve The Function Of The Fuji X-T1 For Faster Focusing


Photographer Eivind Rohne is a happy Fuji X1 shooter, but ever the greatest of cameras can use a small push to make it perfect.

Eivind shares that one of the most used functions on his Fuji X1 is the back panel direction buttons which he uses to move the focus point. He does that by assigning the front custom button to activate focus point selection.

While was almost perfect, Eivind made it even more perfect by adding a bit of Sugru to the camera:

When I shoot, I move the focus point around a lot. So on the X-T1 I’ve assigned the function to activate focus point selection to the front custom button. Then I can press it with my middle finger, and move the focus point with my thumb on the four buttons around the OK button. But I want to do this without having to take the camera from my eye to see which button I’m pressing.

So to work more efficiently with the camera, I rolled thin stripes of Sugru and applied to all four buttons around the OK button. I also put a small dot of Sugru on the front function button, the Focus Assist button, and on the AF-L button. Why not the AE-L button you might wonder? Because with only a dot on one of those two, I immediately know where on the back of the camera my finger is without having to look. And I chose red because it looked color than black.

Did it work? According to Eivind

The X-T1 is even better to use now, and I can work it faster and more precise than ever, without having to take the camera from my eye. Simply a dream!

You can head over to Eivind blog for the full breakdown.

  • Bokeh Monk

    Hmmm… This is why I still use Nikon, moving my focus point is almost effortless!

  • Brad Siefert

    This is honestly the worst part of the Fuji camera system. It’s very odd that you have to click a button to move focusing points, it sounds like it’s minor, but those seconds matter when you’re trying to capture a moment. I love the Fuji X system (have owned 3 of them, currently the X-E2) but I’m hoping that they change this or at least add this as an option soon.