IKEA Continuous Ring Light

DIY RingflashI know you love continuous light ring lights, both for stills and video, however, one of the most common responses is that it is too complex to build and the need for woodmanship.

Well, aside from providing paper furniture and raw beauty dishes, IKEA seems to have solved the ring light issues as well. With the (sadly discontinued) Kvartil Chandelier. Sadly IKEA, not realizing the product potential for photographers, has discontinued the product. The concept however is too good not to be featured in the hopes that IKEA or some other chandelier manufacturer will make it right.

If you got more photography IKEA hacks I would love to hear them, share in the comments.

The Materials:

  • Ikea Kvartil chandelier (sadly discontinued)
  • 12 40W E27 lightbulbs
  • 12 E27 Sockets
  • 2 Light dimmers
  • Some wires made for lamps (2×1,5mm2) flat cable.
  • 2 70x40mm angles
  • Some screws and bolts.

Attaching The Bulb Sockets

Using screws, or cable ties, attach the 12 sockets to the chandelier at even spaces.

DIY Ringflash


This is one of the things I like most about this IKEA Ring Flash hack, it has a smart wiring that allows control over two separate groups of light. Plus is uses a dimmer to control each of the groups. So you can control the power of 12 lights, or reduce the number of lights to just 6.

We usually recommend using CFLs for photography projects, but for this one, we say go for incandescent lights. Sadly CFL bulbs don’t really like dimmers. Actually if this is too hot for you (and 12 bulbs, even at the low 60W is pretty hot), you can go with two groups of CFLs and skip the dimmers.

The mandatory electricity disclaimer applies here: if you don’t know what you are doing (and probably even if you do), this is powerful stuff, and it can kill you. Ask your friendly neighborhood electrician for help on with the wiring bits. If you burn yourself, don’t come running to me crying.

IKEA Countinous Light Ring Flash Wiring

Adding A Mounting Bracket

Place the two angles opposite of each other. Place the Chandelier in the middle with both rails caught by the angles. Lock the angles with a bolt and a nut.

DIY Ringflash


DIY Ringflash

DIY Ringflash

About The Author

Patric Franksson is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, he works for Hilfe Magazine. For more of his work, visit his Flickr stream.

  • Volker

    Maybe it is not new, but if you would like to use LED lamps but dimmable, you might look to the products Superstar from OSRAM http://glnk.de/7cidh?
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