IKEA Based Ring Light – Redux

IKEA Based Ring Light - ReduxContinuous Ring Lights are quite popular as the work both with video and stills. A while back we featured a hack to build a ring light out of on old IKEA lamp called Kvartil chandelier, wich eliminated the woodwork from the common ring light design. Sadly that chandelier has been discontinued for a very long time now.

Luckily, there is a replacement. Photographer Iñigo Alonso found a replacement chandelier, the IKEA Glänsa. While it may look cumbersome at first glance (or glansa) stripped from all the spikes it provides a great ring light base.

There is also a video describing both the build and  the wiring (ask for help if you are not familiar with getting zapped with live wires). The vid is in Italian Spanish, but can be pretty much watched on mute if you prefer to avoid the musical language.