Humor: Using A Drone For Better BBQ


While here on DIYP we’ve been obsessed with the moral implications of using drones (or UAVs, or quadcopters) some people have found a uses for those machines which are much less controversial.

Hamburg based photographer shared a video freely translated as Lighting the Barbecue Like a Boss, where he sets up a grill. Unconventionally, getting his gill up to heat involved using the wind generated by a DJI Phantom carrying a Gopro camera. Hit the jump to see the wonders of BBQ and Drones.

Quick math shows that getting the gill heated is only only about $878 + whatever charging the Phantom costs. But Neunzehn72 says it was an all time record for heating the grill up.

[Grilling like a boss]

  • Ad De Ste Croix

    Damien Lovegrove and Rob Massie. Another fantastic use this summer for your drones! 😀

  • Simon Anhorn

    Patrick Ludolph yeah!

  • Rob Massie

    i’ve using mine a a from of bug repellant

  • clem

    did this long ago… but i held onto my quadcopter at angle to ensure a direct stream of air goes in without the heat reaching the quad (especially the lipo)