Huge iPad Arrays Used As Portrait Lights

Huge iPad Arrays Used As Portrait LightsWhat happens when you cross Kirk Tuck’s insatiable love for LED panels with Jim Goldstein’s unstopped craving for iPads? Nothing, ’till you add in a secret ingredient – a starving-for-innovation photographer Jesse Rosten.

Jesse did a complete portrait shoot using 9 (yea NINE) iPads as lighting sources. Those iPads were mounted on three fixtures in what I would adventurous mode. Video and a little about constraints after the jump.

Now if You are saying that this not convenient nor practical you are right, but hear Jesse:

Nine iPads will set you back around $4,500. That amount of money can buy you a LOT of lumens in the form of a generic monobloc. This is not intended to be an exercise in excess, but rather a self-imposed limitation to help flex the creative muscles, and to make a point

I’ll join the club admitting that this is not the most practical or cheap way to light, but a hell of a nice project to have fun with.