How To Wirelessly Tether To Lightroom

Benjamin Von Wong has a short and sweet tutorial on how to wirelessly tether a camera to a computer (his post is Lightroom Specific, but  I assume other programs will work in a similar manner).

How To Wirelessly Tether To Lightroom

You gain quite a lot of benefits from shooting tethered as Ben Explains: “Why tether you ask? Focus checking, framing, presenting shots to the clients on an actual screen, camera controls, live view, just to name a few… And all those are possible tethered directly to an iPad or a Computer using a nifty 300$ device named the CamRanger.

The caveat is that indeed you would need to say goodbye to $300 for the unit, but if you are doing large scale shoots and/or need to deliver live results to a client that may be very well worth the money. The teaser video is right after the jump.

[How to wirelessly tether your camera to Lightroom | Benjamin Von Wong]

  • Adriano Martins

    Why paying 300$ for CamRanger when you can get a Eye-Fi SD Card for 50 bucks?

    I know, you can’t control the camera with Eye-Fi, but if you’re shooting for clients you won’t be messing around anyway.

    • Doug Gray

      If you had clicked the link and read the article on his site, you would have known why not rather quickly.

      “couple options the affordable Eye-Fi Card which was slow, unreliable and had terrible desktop software”

      • marcusdiddle

        I use an Eye-Fi SD card when I’m doing baby photos, so the parents can literally hold the iPad and see the photos popping up on the screen. Effortless, easy, and cheap. There’s maybe a 1-2 second delay for the photo to transfer, but worth the delay for the minimal cost.

        • Benjamin Von Wong

          You can’t even check for critical focus using the built in EyeFi software. It sucks for anything more than consumer usage

          • Adriano Martins

            I get it.

            Good news is that some DSLRs are coming with these features integrated already (WI-FI tether in new canons for example).

            Wonder how good they would be for this situation.
            @vonwong:disqus, have you tried it?

  • Ciril Mathew

    Is CamRanger (software) still only for MacOSX/iOS?

    • Me

      Why not just buy a Nexus 7, connect with usb to go cable and install dslrdashboard for free. It is cheaper than a camramger and you have an extra tablet

  • vladutz8

    Or buy a 6D and do it for free, with all these features

  • Daris Fox

    Surely it’d be been better to have an article discussing all options? With Canon you have the Wireless transmitters which whilst pricey are not much more expensive than the CamRanger and far more flexible especially the WFT-E7 which can handle 10 cameras with timestamps or even some of the newer generation cameras that are integrating WiFi directly into the camera. This is something Canon has always been better than Nikon for supporting tethered sessions.

    Combine that with a Tablet that can actually use to edit live, such as the Surface Pro with Ps or Lr installed you have a killer combination even if you don’t want WiFi you can still use the USB port and have it attached to your tripod. Despite the popularity of the iPad it’s not really fit for purpose after you buy the third party accessories to make actually usable in the field.

    Hopefully Canon will figure out a way to control the flash guns from a computer as well similar to what Elinchrom offers.

  • Wing Chow

    A friend of mine has XtremeTether, works like CamRanger, but with more features and cost half as much, you guys should check it out.

    • Dale Woodside

      I have one too, works beautifully, the wireless file transfer is very fast, pictures uploaded from my D7000 while I shoot and appears within seconds on my iPAD and Mac book Pro. Can even upload videos. Way better than EYE-FLY.

  • Most dslrs these days…

    Come with wifi or NFC that allow you to tether, check focus and manually control the camera for free…so this kind of a moot point.