How To Upgrade A Canon Lens

Take a long hard look at the this lens. Are you familiar with it? Does it look ‘right’?

How To Upgrade A Canon Lens

This is because it is a special upgraded lens made by clubsnap’s member nntenzo.

I am adding this little addon. This is a funny post. I don’t think anyone will take this for L glass. especially with the typo. This is just something to make you smile with your morning coffee.

Here is how you get one yourself:

  • You would need the following Acrylic Colors: (nntenzo used a Singaporean brand called OMNI, but almost any acrylics will do): White, Yellow & Black
  • Some brushes, or better yet an air brush.
  • Clear “Decal” paper (make sure you get the right type for your printer,  Laser or Inkjet. The Inkjet type also needs a spray for “fix” the decal)

Here are the steps:

step 1: mix the first three colors until you get a color close to a 70-200 lens. The main color is white. Add a drip of black to become a little gray.

To give your lens a bit of an oldish look, Add a little bit of yellow.

You can add a bit of water to the mixture but not too much or paint will sag. Acrylic paints can dissolve in water before it dies. While dry, it is water resistant.

step 2: Apply tape to demarcate the area that don’t want to be painted. Keep the front and rear caps on, and don’t be shy about the tape.

step 3: Take a deep breath and paint using a soft brush. (If you have access to an air-brush with compressor you can carefully spray it, it comes out as much, much nicer work) and let it dry for few days

step 4: Use decal paper to put the logos like Canon, 50mm etc…. (just look for the logos online. If you look at the sample lens above closely, there is a small typo: 0.45mm/1.5ft instead of 0.45m/1.45ft

step 5: This is a crucial step to the process. Put two strips of tape about 2mm apart at the edge of the white color. Use a red permanent marker to draw the red line.

How To Upgrade A Canon Lens

How To Upgrade A Canon Lens

[via ClubSNAP]

  • AbishaAK

    hahahahahahahaha! nice, real nice… unfortunately in my country rubber bands were different, i cant do that….