How To Transfer Prints To Wood

If you have a picture that you want to transfer onto wood you have two options, pay for a service to do it, or have a go at it yourself.

Photographer James Brandon shows how to transfer a print onto wood at the leisure of your home, using a laser jet print and a gel medium. (Yes, it has to be laser, inkjent won’t cut it for this project).

How To Transfer Prints To Wood

The results are gorgeous and the entire project is fairly simple.

You can read the entire tutorial on DPS, or watch a video demo after the jump.

Thanks for the heads up, Karen

[How To Transfer Prints To Wood: An Awesome Photography DIY Project on Digital Photography School]

  • soul

    Hi, I want to know if I can do with this technique the impression on stone

  • Jeannine Coons

    Thank you, I was wondering…does anyone has some colour work that they’ve done?