How To Take a Passport Picture

How To Take a Passport PictureA passport picture is just a small picture. at the size of 4.5cmX3.5cm (5cmX5cm American, 5cmX7cm Canadian aan there may be other sizess for different countries.
Going to a photo store to take this picture can be very expensive, and making such set of pictures at home can be cheap and easy.
there are several basic requirements from a passport photo:

  • Photo must be a “front view” give a clear view
  • The face and a bit of the shoulders shoud be seen
  • The background for the photo should be in one light color
  • Eye color, skin tone and hair color should be clear.
  • There are some more strict requirements, but if you do as above, there is a good chance you are OK. see reference for more details.

So, what is the big deal about taking the picture yourself?? The deal is that it will be way, way cheaper to print the passport picture as a regular picture, than to take a specialized passport picture.

Following are the steps needed to make a bunch of passport pictures in various programs. if you go with small pictures 3.5X4.5 you get 6 per 10×15 picture.


  1. Get a picture of your object on light background, lets call this picture the source picture
  2. In Photoshop, create a new file at the size 10cmX15cm, with 300DPI resolution. Use black background. lets call this picture the destination picture.
  3. now, pick the selection tool in PS, nad sett the selection ratio to 3.5 to 4.5 (which is like 7:9), and select the face on the source photo, to take most of the selected area.
  4. copy your choice (CTRL+C) and paste it onto a new picture. now, resize to 3.5cmX4.5cm, with 300DPI.
  5. select again and copy multiple times into the target picture.
  6. merge the layers, and export as jpeg.
  7. you are done.



The picture we took for my baby daughter: