How To Mount Anything In The World

How To Mount Anything In The WorldSometimes you want to add a 1/4″ threading to objects that don’t have threads. It makes sense. I mean, all the mounting gear is already built to support 1/4″ thread: Tripods, light stands, swivels…

This allows you, for example to position a flashlight on a swivel and have full control over it’s angle and direction. Or mount a point and shoot on a bicycle handle.

Photographer David Sr. Lapeer showed a smart way of doing this on the DIYP flickr threads:

It Takes Three Items

5 Easy Steps


  1. Drill a 3/16″ hole in the velcro
  2. Thread the Elevator bolt through Velcro hole.
  3. The head of the Elv bolt will act as a platform and the velcro will secure it.
  4. You now have a Male thread, to make it a Female thread, use a Coupling nut
  5. Optional: Foamy glued to top of Elv bolt. Provides a little better stability and reduces slipping.