How To Make A Simple And Effective Flash Diffuser

Flash diffusers have always been one of the more effective projects on the blog. If you are a run and gun photographer doing events or coverage, you don’t always have time to set up an off camera flash on location, and having a diffuser is the next best thing. (though you can still hold the strobe by hand/boom, foam it or mount it on a bag).

The problem with most of the DIY diffusers we features along the years is that they are either not very slick looking or that they provide only a small surface to bounce off.

How To Make A Simple And Effective Flash Diffuser

This foamy based diffuser showed by StepByStep-Photography, (design by Chuck Gardner) answers both the concerns, it has a nice broad bouncing surface and it looks IMHO good enough to be on stage.

Sample images

How To Make A Simple And Effective Flash Diffuser

If you are more of a store bought kinda person than a DIY kind of person, the Lumiquest is a similar non-DIY version using the same principles.

More DIY flash diffusers

Thanks for the tip, Tomer

  • Frank Nazario

    I constructed 3 of these… they have practically replaced all the “travel size softboxes” that I use and small umbrellas they stack flat fit in my backpacks laptop sleeve and they are awesome… oohhh and I forgot. because they are spoon shaped you CAN feather the light just like a softbox. AMAZING design.